30 04 2010

word of the day:
a : of, relating to, or given to walking b : moving or traveling from place to place : itinerant


15 04 2010

was the lesson tonight at durham literacy center ESOL class. mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, so on…and then they throw in man, woman, men, women, parents, really is a lot of complicated material to learn.

i was flustered to be late to class (why can i never find lakewood baptist church? 3 mi from the hizzy already) and to have had a lovely (not) conversation with mom on the way over. well–

all cares melt away when i’m in there. it is so much fun. i may not do anything or much of anything, but i enjoy being around the people in that class. clearly, creativity factors into being a good teacher. shite! i forgot to get the syllabus from daniel, to prepare some for next class. i’m going to ask elsa if she will let me pinch hit teach a page or two. i have lots of ideas and wth, how will i know they are bunk unless i teach? part of the fun tonight included maria bringing her smart 11-year-old daughter to class. that + juan and hussam are on similar levels, so instead of me helping them, i asked them to check each other’s lesson and to quiz each other. hussam liked that, but then, he is eager to learn. tonight hussam and juan talked about their families. i like to hear hussam say he has a baby and another baby baby (extra small baby).

daniel told me the students are either newly arrived refugees or people who have been here for a few years, learned enough english to work and maybe now have reached a point where they need to learn more english.

my mother is scared for me to move to korea, i can tell. she called back to say there are so many car accidents in korea. then to say, oh there is so much pollution in korea. ok then, how much money will you make and can you get a job when you return home? just buy rosetta stone susan. blah blah.  she’s projecting her fears. they come from her wanting me to reconcile with tula. and maybe from me living far away. but i’m not letting her fears get to me. the best thing about having the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, er, happen, is it puts insecurities into perspective. i can let a lot of that noise go.

time for snooze…

gator d

13 04 2010

oxford seminars

2 04 2010

recommends getting a certificate to teach in korea. employers want that now. do a criminal background check and will ask for a medical check. when it comes to private tutoring, the E2 visa will allow you only to work at one school. best to do it with families, not with schools, because it is under the table.

kara’s feedback:

  • private tutors prefer a certificate
  • take the course anytime; can activate teacher placement services later, anytime
  • can look into volunteering into ESL schools, which would be an asset to have for teaching abroad
  • kara taught in 대 구
  • taught for two years, taught at a school and did private tutoring. really enjoyed it. children were excellent.
  • if you commit yourself, you can learn korean in 6 months
  • there are some universities where you can take english courses

irony vs. satire

2 04 2010

a decent differentiation