30 08 2010

beatles bingeing. ordered $52.87 worth of discography on amazon tangent last week. whah. broke listening in chronological order rule (racket). now, no context for when these albums came out, lol.

hard day’s night, good. i like the poppy stuff. dunno why young and old boys alike deride pre-drug beatles.
revolver overrated? don’t totally get.
white album
..sooper dooper. how can this record have blackbird and piggies on it?

ESOL up again

25 08 2010

hella week!
or as gates county ann likes to say “holl-errrr.”

three days of durham lit center ESOL class training this week. fun fun. only two other people in class from en-cee. interesting folks, wide range and plenty of people who’ve taught overseas. love regina and daniel who lead training. learned there is a cert program @ Duke; also one online @ Piedmont Comm Coll.

cette week, finishing two Dropout grants deliverables @ work and starting UNC online course. biz-ay. stoked about this last one though–getting back into the practice of writing. get doodoocaca house/divorce stuff out of the way, and i’d like to write regularly, maybe volunteer column somewhere.

one ESOL icebreaker, name game. i like to hear what other people pick for themselves. here my stab at “s” adjectives…

  • sentimental
  • sappy
  • sensual
  • smart
  • sarcastic
  • strong
  • steadfast
  • sister
  • self-assured
  • self-aware
  • self-starter
  • self-motivated
  • staunch

moving on up

18 08 2010

to the east side…
julian realtor and tula husband came over today for STD-TSH (shit-to-do-to-sell-house). meeting went well. info even better. not a lot of STD-TSH to do.

have an apartment, ahem, duplex secured too. checked out two places on arnette ave for due diligence. classic space vs. locale question. settled on locale. single gal requires good locale. did drive by @ night just to be sure. yep, dupe looks cute in eve light. life clicking along.

separation terms

16 08 2010

talking separation terms with my husband..s’all come down to business now. stopping to think about it makes my heart hurt. so i don’t. besides, plenty of STGD BS (shit-to-get-done-before-sanford).

i saw my first shooting star this weekend @ emerald isle (smile).

someone i used to know

9 08 2010

Where did the rest of our lives go
Thought that we’d have something more to show
And how did you turn into
Someone I used to know