where do old wedding dresses go?

11 01 2011

these are a few options to donate, consign or repurpose your dress.
i need to get rid of mine. my new philosophy is if it doesn’t fit in the half-house, it doesn’t fit in my life.

i carted the dress box from 2112, where it sat in the closet for 9 years, to the duplex, where it’s sat in the bedroom corner for 3 months. i had no intentions of keeping it. it just took time to get used to getting rid of it. like steve says, purge requires phases.

really what i want to do is wear the dress one more time. sit on the couch, watch a movie and eat chocolates. i felt beautiful in that dress. eddie walked me down the aisle, my mother cried, and all of our friends and family were at the wedding. i don’t see the need to trash it or hash it. to me, divorce isn’t something to celebrate.

idk. maybe i’ll wear it one more time before tomorrow.

*   *   *

yep. dress still fits. still looks beautiful. now have closure. tata dress.

what are you waiting for?

7 01 2011

ginger asked me yesterday.

“do you think it will be easier to break up later?”
“will it be easier to leave your job?”

you’re going to go through some grieving and second-guessing no matter when you do it.


5 01 2011

we sold our house and signed our separation agreement today. i drove by 2112 for a last look. someone else’s car is in the driveway now.

my husband’s hand was shaking when he signed the agreement. with three copies notarized, there are now two to-dos before i file.

he didn’t look me in the eye at the bank, but said as we left, “this isn’t how i wanted it to turn out.” what can you say to that? that pushes all my buttons. i want to reach out to comfort him. so instead, i hugged him and left. there’s nothing i can say to change the situation. anyway, i need to learn to recognize my own feelings before recognizing someone else’s.

Road ID

5 01 2011

who do single people put as their emergency contacts?
i’m ordering a Road ID and putting brother Ed as my primary but beyond that..flummoxed. i think i’ll put dependable TT.