17 05 2011

my husband called me today. he thanked me for the cards i mailed him–cards from me, cards from his friends, cards from his beautiful cousin. and he thanked me for my note and apologized for his last email.
i feel glad and sad, like what happened between us was inevitable and tragic.

i should say ex-husband.

how long do you keep greeting cards?

17 05 2011

i tackled that box tonight. you know that box. the one with old photos and holiday cards you always meant to get around to organizing. the box that sits in the corner of the (insert area) closet, bedroom, attic, you name it.

i found my cards to my husband, his cards to me, cards from Nanny, an 11-year-old Bath & Body Works gift certificate and $50 from Mrs. P!

it’s never too late to send a thank you note.