hopscotch music fest

23 08 2011

in progress, subject to on-the-spot changes.

thursday night

  • steve gunn (americana, nah)
  • last year’s men
  • man will destroy himself (bring earplugs)
  • 12,000 armies (drughorse)
  •  jack the radio (southern rock)
  • super vacations (surf)
  • yair yona (acoustic experimental)
  • dinosaur feathers (poppy)
  • bustello
  • oulipo (experimental)
  • cassis orange (breathy, urgent girls from carrboro)
  • prurient (no)
  • spiderbags (twang)
  • tender fruit* (girlie americana)
  • pc worship (experimental)
  • le weekend (60s garage sans melody)
  • LL*
  • black lips (surfer punk, fun)
  • j mascis (slit my wrists)
  • cold cave (electronic)
  • ford & lopatin (electronic r&b)
  • william tyler (folk, might be too late for folk)
  • lonnie walker (don’t love)
  • empress hotel* (poppy)
  • mandolin orange (love but local and late for folk)
friday night
  • carlitta durand (dunno if i’ll be in hip hop mood)
  • julianna barwick (atmospheric)
  • soft company (missy thangs’ group, wanna like but don’t like)
  • generationals* (piano pop)

the manly laundry list 2.0

21 08 2011

A running list updated for 2011 in no particular order…

  1. aspergers smart–deep and broad!
  2. confident and comfortable in his own skin
  3. non-judgmental–has opinions and can let others have theirs
  4. reads the news
  5. honest, ethical in life and at work
  6. ambitious–wants to be challenged at work. stretches his mind and his skills
  7. continuous learner, eager to learn
  8. shows me new experiences, new places, new views
  9. well-traveled
  10. thoughtful, considerate–shows love by doing, without always being asked
  11. excellent communicator–thoughts, feelings
  12. complimentary
  13. giving heart
  14. cuddler and a kisser
  15. physically attractive
  16. loves kids, likes people
  17. physically fit and active
  18. will try new activities. not afraid of being embarrassed
  19. modest
  20. traditionally manly. uses power tools as needed. protective of family and home
  21. charitable–gives time and money
  22. funny!
  23. geeky
  24. good with money
  25. appreciative and grateful

cataloguing accomplishments

7 08 2011

a living laundry list of work accomplishments for resume iterations, linkedin and so on. 

Corporate English Instructor
Seoul, Republic of Korea
November 2011–present

LG Electronics
Business English Instructor
Suwon City

  • Meetings—created material for leading English meetings. Drew on corporate work experience to teach students expressions, grammar and meetings practices.
  • Business Writing—assessed students’ business writing needs and focused on teaching email writing, making complaints, requests and scheduling meetings. Taught expressions and difference between American and British English.
  • Presentations—taught students how to deliver effective presentations in English, including creating interesting openings, organized content and effective closings
  • Case Studies/Debate—guided students through controversial conversation topics
  • Public Speaking—taught how to create impromptu and prepared speeches
  • Overall, taught basic, intermediate and upper-intermediate level students; created conversation activities, grammar lessons and games related to learning objectives to keep students engaged for 70- to 90-minute sessions

Business English Tutor
Seoul City

  • 1:1 Business English tutor for employees within Toyota
  • Created and taught weekly lessons for students based on their English and business needs

Dong Suh Shik Poom
Seoul City
Substitute English Instructor

  • Assumed responsibility for group business English class, after English instructor departed
  • Created three lesson plans weekly for 6-8 company executives
  • Focused on conversation activities, while integrating listening and reading comprehension

Language Clinic
Seoul City
Created and taught multiple English grammar, writing, and conversation lessons to 5th grader

Executive Director
Futures for Kids (F4K), Raleigh, North Carolina
APR 2003–NOV 2011

F4K is a state-wide nonprofit that links students’ career goals with communities’ workforce development needs    

  • Shepherded successful ED search and transition process, articulating job description and expectations, setting and meeting deadlines, and engaging board members over a 5-month period
  • Reached 125,000 students statewide by raising $1.3M in funding ($500K corporate + $800K legislative) for program
  • Raised $500K+ in corporate funding by cultivating relationships with business leaders state-wide
  • Assumed leadership of start-up organization, negotiating down $700,000 in debt and securing $500,000+ in corporate funding to sustain the program in its first year
  • Scaled program nationally by forging strategic relationship with industry-leading software vendor
  • Legitimized program for stakeholders by securing funding and endorsements from state agencies and the General Assembly
  • Engaged stakeholders by meeting quarterly with business and education advisory groups
  • Forged partnerships with chambers of commerce, county governments and civic organizations
  • Acquired endorsements from statewide business and education organizations
  • Drafted talking points and letters of support for government officials and business leaders
  • Improved program by conducting usability sessions with users, writing usability reports and prioritizing improvements with development team
  • Supervised seamless executive transition over 6-month period
  • NC State Board of Education endorsed in 2003*
  • NC Chamber of Commerce endorsed in 2004*
  • NC Technology Association names F4K its Technology Nonprofit Company of the Year in 2005*
  • Duke University Child & Family Policy Institute completes favorable study in 2006* 

Marketing & Communications Consultant
Family Health International, Durham, North Carolina
NOV 2002–MAR2003
FHI is a global nonprofit working to prevent HIV/AIDS and expand access to health services

  • Strengthened corporate brand with 70+ international field offices by developing internal newsletter
  • Produced FHI conference booth to be used at 20 annual international conferences
  • Initiated internal events, including a staff photo competition, to boost employee morale
  • Developed internal newsletter to foster communication between 70+ international field offices


Marketing Communications Strategist / Event Planner
IBM, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
APR 1999–JUN 2002

  • Acquired internal support and awareness from senior level executives by documenting client successes through 50 case studies, 100 client profiles and electronic newsletter
  • Supervised $300,000 marketing materials budget with communications agency
  • Increased traffic by 100% to IBM.com site by writing customized content
  • Fostered collaboration between 8 software product groups (through conference calls and web content), which led to comprehensive trade show strategy and new business opportunities
  • Generated new business leads in key markets by managing $300,000 marketing materials budget and planning software receptions in multiple cities includingNew YorkandSan Francisco
  • Negotiated contracts with multiple vendors to secure best price and quality for goods
  • Acted as company representative showcasing IBM products at industry events
  • Conducted post-event analysis to determine content value and overall event success

On-Air Radio Host / News & Public Affairs Director
WTRG Oldies 100.7 FM, WRSN Sunny 93.9 FM, Raleigh, North Carolina
JAN 1998–APR 1999

  • Reached 1,000,000+ listeners daily by hosting radio broadcast and developing on-air content
  • Wrote and delivered hourly news reports under deadline
  • Co-hosted daily program and interacted with listeners from 6-county audience
  • Conceived of new talk show features that boosted market share by 25%
  • Strengthened product awareness through public speaking engagements
  • Increased market share by 25% by hosting live monthly promotional events with 200+ clients

Volunteer, Marketing / Communications + Volunteer Coordination
DOUGHMAN, Durham, North Carolina

Volunteer Teacher, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
Durham Literacy Center, Durham, North Carolina
March 2010–December 2010
Durham Literacy Center is a community organization that empowers Durham residents who want to enrich their lives by improving their literacy skills.

  • Created weekly lesson plans for adult English language learners
  • Incorporated lessons, activities and games for adult students with different learning styles and at different English proficiency levels
  • Collaborated with co-teacher and Curriculum Director to gauge effectiveness of lessons

Sogang University
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Korean language, levels 1-2

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Basics of Economic Development, continuing education, August 2012
Technology and Communication graduate certificate, December 2011. Courses: Writing for Digital Media, Web site usability, Web and database research

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A. Broadcast Journalism, 1996

* recognitions

Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0

4 08 2011

i’m co-opting Steve’s reading of Guerrilla Marketing 3.0
herein follows some not-necessarily-useful-to-the-universe, personal posterity posts

things i do well

  • convey passion–articulate mission, recruit people to support mission. tell our story.
  • listen–for the need, for what the client finds important personally and business wise
  • create vision–set high expectations for the most wildly successful version of outcomes
  • lead a team–strategic planning, setting short and long-term org and individual goals
  • coach–work with interns, staff to reach their highest potential within the org or without
  • work ethically and honestly. model high work ethic.
  • learn–gaining knowledge and skills relevant to my work
  • engage clients–create, maintain strong relationships.
  • connect people–or developing business. creating partnerships, identifying opportunities. bringing people together to create mutually beneficial programs
  • organize information–input quality info to database for querying, capture meeting notes for org posterity
  • turn strategy into execution–or ideas into action, who does what by when, overseeing the process
  • wave the flag–or public relations. identifying opportunities for success stories, creating those stories, marketing them in multiple media, to multiple audiences
  • communicate
    • verbally articulating mission–telling a story
    • written communication–long to short form. giving information directly a la strunk & white
  • build consensus within teams and with management
  • conduct usability sessions
  • move multiple projects forward
  • work in a start-up–i excel in a nimble, client-focused environment
things i love or want to do
  • coach
  • work with clients
  • create success stories
  • learn new communication and marketing tools
  • work with people from different cultures
  • travel

quitting a good job in a down economy

1 08 2011

why does doing something courageous feel like doing something stupid?