Test Driving Earth Class Mail

27 09 2011

Getting mail at work is a quirk, personal mail anyway.
In all our Sarbanes-Oxley glory, Rebecca opens the mail, I process the bills, Elizabeth cuts checks and so on. Very clear SOP, except when–

“Is this your credit card bill or F4K’s?”
“Is this your TimeWarnerCable bill or ours?”

No big for the being. We’re all friends at work.
But I can only co-opt my work address until Nov. 15…
So this week, I’m test driving Earth Class mail.

For $16 / month, you receive a US mailing address and virtual dashboard to view your mail contents from anywhere. Earth Class will open, upload, PDF, recycle, shred and elsewise process your mail. I’ll test drive this week and post back effectiveness.

I don’t love adding $16 to the $38 monthly already going to Public Storage.
But my mother’s a hoarder and my brother’s AWOL, and I am 37 already.