Japanese snacks

28 11 2011

i’m here. sleep beckons.
here are some snacky foods from the layover in tokyo.

what do you think–like, dislike?

i can tell you sparkling soy water is not good.




Google Photos FTW

11 11 2011

where to action your photos?

i’ve had this idea that there is an online eden where my photos will live forever instead of being scattered through the universe on FB, Flickr and Picasa.

it’s a pipedream i know, with technology tools and systems ever-evolving.

Flickr, far as I can tell, is fab if you’re a photographer (i’m not) or working (no longer). you can upload up to 300 MB of photos + 2 videos each month and tag your photos in a free Flickr account. e.g., you can tag your photos “F4K”, “career fair”, “job shadowing” and so on. makes your company and your photos easy to find in search engines. plus, how cute is it that Flickr greets you with an international greeting (allo susan!) every time you visit?

but alas i am an unemployed student, and Google photos is a no-brainer.

for $5 for 20GB for the year, you can afford to change your mind. and the integration with Google circles makes it easy to share photos with my folksonomy of friends.