MAC* makeovers

27 08 2012

and this is why i won’t go to the makeup counter with my african girlfriends again.

don’t they look gorgeous? over 40 and not a whisper of a wrinkle.
i need some freckly, fifty-year-old friends from the outback.

a girly day with good girlfriends is restorative and all too rare.

*superficial sidebar–

MAC sells the least expensive and most modern lipstick shades in the department store.
ashley @crabtree valley mall is the bomb-dot-com at selecting colors that complement your skin tone and pushed me into ballsing up to a drop-dead red.

bonus–when you’re done with all your war paint, you can trade three empty makeup containers in for a tube of lipstick. mother earth smiles.

damn, Clint. now we can never get married.

19 08 2012

Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney for president

fahrenheit 451

19 08 2012

i read in wired that ray bradbury had two small children at home, so he rented a typewriter at the UCLA library for 10 cents/hour and banged fahrenheit 451 out in 9 days.

i thought about putting the book down early on, the phrasing is so forced. but eddie and steve both loved the book, and somewhere around page 60, you start to care for montag the fireman, burner of books. i looked back to the publishing page to confirm F451 was published in 1953, because mass media dulling our critical thinking, that theme is especially timely.

bradbury gives the best writing in the book to faber, the pigeon-hearted professor.
on appreciating the pores of life and needing hardship to birth happiness:

“We are living in a time when flowers are trying to live on flowers,
instead of growing on good rain and black loam.”

Economic development @UNC

7 08 2012

“If you’re looking for a 9-to-5 job, you can get up and leave right now.
This is not a job. This is a lifestyle.” – Ronnie Bryant, President, Charlotte Regional Partnership

Ronnie Bryant closed the economic development boot camp I attended at UNC last week and sold me on wanting to work in this field.

In the lean years at F4K, when John Shaw and I worked long hours to keep the lights on, I used to think, “That’s it. I’m going to find some high-need, stable job that won’t keep me up at nights.”


We didn’t sleep or earn much then, but I felt alive.
Economic development gives me that same motivation to get involved.

Simply, economic development is about creating jobs in your community.
That can include loving on your existing businesses and stealing recruiting businesses from somewhere else. Increase your tax base, improve the quality of life for people in your hood.

UNC’s School of Government runs this most excellent, annual course called “Basic Economic Development”.

Even for me, coming from a career and workforce development POV and not working in econdev right now, the course was worthwhile. We learned about ethics codes, business retention strategies and how county vs. regional economic development organizations work together.

Some memorable takeaways:

Incentives are BS.

Businesses look at workforce, infrastructure, workforce, education, workforce and oh, also workforce, when they consider moving to an area. Company heads may say they want incentives on the table, but generally after they’ve decided to move to your area. This came from a no-BS 20-year veteran site consultant.

Workforce, workforce, workforce.
Mac Holladay‘s exact words were: “If you don’t remember anything else I say here today, remember workforce. The rest is details.”

Businesses want to know they can hire the workforce they need, if they locate in, say, Person County, and they really don’t care, if that workforce is driving from Danville, VA or not.

Would-be entrepreneurs cite healthcare as the number one obstacle to starting a new business.

If you’re thinking about taking this course, take it. Add the dates to your calendar, so you don’t miss it. We had top-notch content everyday from veteran developers. And while I’m $650 poorer, I’m more resolved to come back from Korea and get to work. I miss being part of a movement.

Interested in economic development? UNC’s School of Government offers more than the basics boot camp.