I canceled a job interview.

27 04 2015

No more negative self talk.

It’s done.
There will be another, better job opportunity.
There will be plenty of other job opportunities.
Most of all, there will be more time. If I take a meh job later in my job search, I’ll know I exhausted other opportunities.

Alright, I feel better. Time to finish a final.

Turning down a job

27 04 2015

Seems so foolhardy, when I don’t yet have a job. I am going to call and cancel this interview, because

  • This job doesn’t expand my skill set
  • This job has depth but not breadth it seems. I would be a big fish in a small pond working with two counties, rather than a little fish in a big pond working with multiple communities and teammates
  • Interviews are in the middle of finals week
  • The start date would likely preclude summer travel (with Mom)
  • The location is ~1 hour+ from a major airport
  • Also, I thought I would escape the South
  • The pay is good but not great
  • I am not excited about this job; better to hold out for an opportunity that sounds stimulating

Alright, that gives me the fortitude to call to cancel this interview.