Bangkok lodging

8 11 2009

I am staying at sam sen sam place FYI. Samsen 5 lodge I’m sure is run by nice people, but like snuffaluppagus, i’m not so sure they exist. They weren’t there this morning, but some leftover breakfast plates were.

Sam sen sam place is run by a nice guy who speaks a little Korean from his days in the army. He was reminiscing on itaewon and namdaemun market. So maybe the Korean connection + me being a single female traveler is why he offered a discounted rate–600B for a single ac room. Splurge! His wife (?) at the desk teased him a little, but she threw in breakfast too. So far, the people I’ve met have been really nice.



army "general" pasaan on right

Btw, there is food everywhere. Street vendors, sidewalk cafes. I wish I could post the smells here to share. Smellavision.

Thai is hard to speak for real. And everyone speaks a little English, which is more incentive to be a rude foreigner and not try. I have ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ down, that’s about it.

Ok, no more wordpress, off to find chatachuk weekend market and a good, strong coffee!

What time is it?

7 11 2009

I’ve been wearing the same socks and underpants for the past 36 hours. They could probably walk out of here on their own. There’s a European kid on the sole desktop in the lobby, and I figured it was him I was smelling, til I got back to the room and it was still there. Time for a shower.

So anyway i’m here. At penpark place guesthouse tonight. Samsen (wtf) 5 lodge didn’t open the door; they have a late policy, and i guess my late arrival email didnt change that. So I followed Joyce and Millard, a cute chinese couple i met on the airport express bus (Only $3.50!), to their guesthouse around the corner. The host here is nice, they have wifi, 1:00 checkout (thank God, sleep) and this private room is a splurge at $19. Ok so the ac doesn’t work but it could be worse, and it could also be user error.

Going to sleep now hopefully for hours and hours so I can wake up very hungry. I’ll post some pictures of the crazy toilets at NRT later. Night, love, Susan