Sympathy for the Devil

3 03 2013

I’ve heretofore been Beatles and never The Stones.
I get it now.

Darrell’s American friend Dwayne played the Stones performing Sympathy for the Devil in 1968:

All these years, I thought Prince’s inspiration sprung internal. Now I see it was Mick Jagger.
And Jagger was inspired by Muddy Waters, which makes The Stones’ music American right?

Factory Girl. Salt of the Earth. Heart of Stone. Beggars Banquet is amazeballs.
I feel like I just unwrapped a new (used) disc from the corner store.


30 08 2010

beatles bingeing. ordered $52.87 worth of discography on amazon tangent last week. whah. broke listening in chronological order rule (racket). now, no context for when these albums came out, lol.

hard day’s night, good. i like the poppy stuff. dunno why young and old boys alike deride pre-drug beatles.
revolver overrated? don’t totally get.
white album
..sooper dooper. how can this record have blackbird and piggies on it?