last engrish class of the semester

10 12 2010

i don’t think i’ll re-up next semester. engrish + j-school = bleary-eyed susan.
though elsa and i agreed we spent less time preparing, we both felt like better teachers this semester. i can see how teaching requires a year or more to hit your stride.

this semester was way more challenging with 8-9 students at different literacy and speaking levels. we didn’t know we had it so good last semester with 4 eager, talkative students.

dunno if our students learned any engrish (i hope so!), but here’s what i learned this semester:

  • start class with an warm-up or conversational activitah.
  • give directions slowly. be confident with instructions.
  • getting up and walking around makes lessons more engaging
  • props are good
  • give explicit, simple directions. yeah, i need work on that.
  • more STT, less TTT!

Vietnamese birthdays

15 10 2010

elsa and i taught days, dates and months last night. “go fish” card game played with months = tons of fun.

byeh didn’t know when his birthday is. then he offered january 1. his sister byoh said the same. here’s why vietnamese people celebrate birthdays on new years.

less “teacher talk time” last night. more student talk time.