Saint Rich @The Pinhook

6 10 2013

Date night with Jenny and Saint Rich at The Pinhook. There was one person at the bar, when we got there, like when you make a reservation at a restaurant and show up to find the place empty.

Who knew there’d be an opening band on a Sunday night?

Saint Rich eventually played after opening band Wool and put on a solid show. They thanked the crowd, calling out The Pinhook, and Durham, and seemed grateful to be performing even on a makeshift stage decorated with reflector tape.

I like this band.

idyllic al buehler

19 07 2012

you wouldn’t start a run in a storm.
but when the rain spontaneously starts mid-run, though you knew full well it was drizzling when you left the house, you can enjoy it with childlike abandon. that feeling of being soaked to your underpants and squishing along in your sneakers is better only when you’re squishing along with your friends.

kick in the pants

17 07 2012

I’m prejudiced.
I discovered this last Friday when I lost my wallet. Not my best day.

Retracing the afternoon, I thought about the two places the wallet could be and the one place I wanted it to be. I crossed my fingers I’d left the wallet at my tenants’ home where I’d visited earlier in the day. This family calls themselves “the faith family” and every third word out of the mother’s mouth is “Lord” or “Jesus”.

If I’d left my wallet there, cool.
But, my wallet wasn’t there. Dread.

This meant I must have dropped my wallet at Walgreen’s, which is on a busy street in Durham, and sees traffic 24 hours a day. No chance my wallet would be returned at any establishment anywhere in Durham.

Driving to the drugstore, I thought about leaving my wallet in the school cafeteria at Sogang last winter. Someone turned the wallet into the office the next day, and I drew some tidy conclusions about the ethics of Koreans vs. Americans.

When I walked into Walgreens, I looked for the cashier who’d helped me earlier, a petite, Indian woman wearing eyeglasses. I hoped, rather than a customer or another clerk, this woman had found my wallet.

When the cashier saw me, her face registered recognition, and she asked if I’d lost my wallet. Whew. I thanked her profusely for finding my wallet, and she told me she didn’t. A customer found my wallet in front of the mascara display and turned it in.

I’m so ashamed of myself.
How many bigoted thoughts can a person have in just 30 minutes?
I have a lot of work yet to do on being biased.

Durham in Seoul

3 02 2012

Caffe Bene in Seoul playing Durham’s Nnenna Freelon.

snow day

26 12 2010

god caught up with me today on a powdery path round east campus.

we had 6 inches of snow in durham last night. whut? durham and duke staff did an amazing job with roads and sidewalks. the usual tuesday route was pastoral.

two couples i passed were smiling and holding hands. three japanese guys taking pictures in front of the chapel did not want me to take a picture of all of them, thank you very much. also ran past a father with his sons throwing snowballs at duke chapel. this is snow-cone-worthy, snowball-making snow.

i grinned lobe-to-lobe the whole 5 miles. ran into eleanor the last 1/4 mile and chatted a bit about life a bit, then skipped all the way home. these last few weeks, i’ve been reminded of my blessings through:

  • christmas eve at carole’s
  • wendy’s angel and friendship
  • adam & heather’s katy
  • ken’s values
  • steve’s comic-ly-wrapped presents
  • eddie’s christmas sentiments
  • mom and mr. song
  • derrick and b-mo’s divine pairing
  • new friends from overseas

i feel thankful.
whatever my life is supposed to be, it will be.
whatever my relationships are supposed to be, they will be.


quality time with ed and mel. the adult version of playing with christmas presents = reading stuff white people like and playing with frolicat. going to open this booker’s and watch be kind rewind. ultimate veg day.

favorite feline

5 12 2010

Just wrapped libel and privacy policy assignments. I’m going to get a P in this class for sure. Alas. I have learned a ton this semester. Brain powers, activate! I want to run away to some tropical, underdeveloped country, eat street food and take college classes for the rest of my life. Who’s with me?

Had a quality evening with Steve last night, walking through the snow to drink boucaniers and brugse zot. I hope post-Christmas house closing doesn’t kibosh post-Christmas travel plans. We have to do a lot to close the house on the 28th.

Post Walking Dead, I visited Tula today to divvy furniture and determine the fate of chickens and cats. Sad. Dexter didn’t skip a beat. Idk if he was happy to see me or he’s happy to get a head rub from anybody. Now I’m one of those pathetic old ladies talking about her cats. Meh.

I’m going to miss Dexter or DeeDee. I’m having trouble picking.
I will miss greeting fluffy chickens every morning, feeding them raisins and having them run down the yard to see me.
I will miss that beautiful, cozy house where I planned to have a family.

Call the wambulance, as Tanja would say. Whah, whah, whah.

“Do you want to keep this table?”
“What do you want to do with that desk?”.
After 12 years together, these are the conversations we have. Unreal.

Ginger says doubt is part of the grieving process. I have felt some:
“Did I do everything I could have done?”
“Am I making the wrong decision?”
There’s that fear of making the wrong decision again.

Crap. Well, here are some things I am grateful for:

  • Eddie, my wonder-ful brother
  • Steve who treats me so well
  • Mom calling to say she hurt for me and apologizing
  • Dad caring but not asking
  • having a warm place to live
  • having a great job
  • Ginger who reminds me it’ll work itself out
  • tonight’s cabbage and chorizo

Going to get the bike from Fullsteam.


15 04 2010

was the lesson tonight at durham literacy center ESOL class. mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, so on…and then they throw in man, woman, men, women, parents, really is a lot of complicated material to learn.

i was flustered to be late to class (why can i never find lakewood baptist church? 3 mi from the hizzy already) and to have had a lovely (not) conversation with mom on the way over. well–

all cares melt away when i’m in there. it is so much fun. i may not do anything or much of anything, but i enjoy being around the people in that class. clearly, creativity factors into being a good teacher. shite! i forgot to get the syllabus from daniel, to prepare some for next class. i’m going to ask elsa if she will let me pinch hit teach a page or two. i have lots of ideas and wth, how will i know they are bunk unless i teach? part of the fun tonight included maria bringing her smart 11-year-old daughter to class. that + juan and hussam are on similar levels, so instead of me helping them, i asked them to check each other’s lesson and to quiz each other. hussam liked that, but then, he is eager to learn. tonight hussam and juan talked about their families. i like to hear hussam say he has a baby and another baby baby (extra small baby).

daniel told me the students are either newly arrived refugees or people who have been here for a few years, learned enough english to work and maybe now have reached a point where they need to learn more english.

my mother is scared for me to move to korea, i can tell. she called back to say there are so many car accidents in korea. then to say, oh there is so much pollution in korea. ok then, how much money will you make and can you get a job when you return home? just buy rosetta stone susan. blah blah.  she’s projecting her fears. they come from her wanting me to reconcile with tula. and maybe from me living far away. but i’m not letting her fears get to me. the best thing about having the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, er, happen, is it puts insecurities into perspective. i can let a lot of that noise go.

time for snooze…