colorful kyoto

26 11 2012

if the ents rise again, i’m fairly certain they’ll be fighting with the japanese.
look at the devotion supporting these trees.

@kyoto gosho, the imperial garden

foliage decorating a hollow trunk

coaxing entlets @shiramine shrine, the soccer shrine

what a gift to see this tree. i felt it bloomed just for me.

fiery maple and electric gingko outside chionin temple

“but only God can make a tree.”
nanny would have loved kyoto.

American Thanksgiving, pass it on

24 11 2012

‎Karl Rectanus suggested sharing American Thanksgiving. “it’s a tradition that travels well.” So my hashing, traveling friend Ate Ball said, “Happy Thanksgiving” to it turns out, the only other American in our Osaka hostel.

Here’s 18-yr-old Hector on his first backpacking trip before he heads back to Maryland next month to continue his electrical engineering studies.

This is the changing face of America–young, brown and international.
Hector 2032.