Lessons learned from leading class discussion

21 10 2014

I just finished leading ~75 minutes of class discussion for my Economic Development Seminar. This assignment has vexed me for weeks, since this class is theory driven and the one I feel least competent in.

The topic I chose was workforce development and skills formation, and a reading about South Korea’s industrialization undergirded our discussion. As far as what went well…

The class was engaged throughout class. In part, perhaps there was a sympathy for me for being the first discussion leader. The introduction and brainstorming went well when we talked about different types of workforce intermediaries and their goals.

What didn’t work well is I sent myself the wrong version of my presentation–sophomoric. So 20 minutes into discussion, our professor and class discussed among themselves, while I loaded my current presentation. Also, I overprepared. Too much material. Our richest conversations only began to happen at the end. There is so much more I wanted to unpack with class. And my biggest omission–I didn’t talk about my experience in South Korea. Why not? I could have added so much to the conversation with context about business culture and education in Korea. I feel at a loss for not sharing this context with my classmates, only one of whom knows I worked in Korea, but nonetheless, I missed an opportunity to share myself with others. For that, I am sorry and I will use this as a learning opportunity to share myself with others.

Raleigh is too small.

8 12 2013

I met Mo out at Kings Barcade for The Love Language show tonight. She brought Margaret and Alex. Later, Joe showed up Steve. I was hoping he wouldn’t show, since I love The Love Language, but that’s the extent to which I don’t factor into his decisions.

He looked so adorable. When I see Steve, I feel first happiness, because he’s the same Steve I used to talk to. Then it’s sadness, because he loves someone else now. I know the next time I see Steve, he’ll be with girlfriend. I wish could stop loving him but I trust time will do its thing.

Joe asked how I was doing, and I said I was focused on school. Joe said, “Life is not about school or work; it’s about love.” Yeah, he’s right.

Alex came from a wedding where he was the best man. He said he had mixed feelings about seeing his friend get married only two years after getting divorced. I like his idea about having a Valentines party for single people to celebrate the benefits of being single. I look forward to being single next year and spending time with family and friends and my d@mn self.

eat that frog

13 07 2010
  1. i speak korean, i live in korea*
  2. i put f4k on strong footing
  3. i found a degree program
  4. i am a super, certified teacher
  5. i transitioned from milliken–>sanford life
  6. i am a good sister, daughter, friend
  7. i run a 7:00 minute mile
  8. i am a good writer
  9. i am saving so much money
  10. i can whip out a comforting, soul food for my friends