Running in Auckland

15 12 2013

Run on the left side of the sidewalk and the right side of the road.

Give way not yield.


Stop to smell sunny-side-up flowers.


idyllic al buehler

19 07 2012

you wouldn’t start a run in a storm.
but when the rain spontaneously starts mid-run, though you knew full well it was drizzling when you left the house, you can enjoy it with childlike abandon. that feeling of being soaked to your underpants and squishing along in your sneakers is better only when you’re squishing along with your friends.

Road ID

5 01 2011

who do single people put as their emergency contacts?
i’m ordering a Road ID and putting brother Ed as my primary but beyond that..flummoxed. i think i’ll put dependable TT.


snow day

26 12 2010

god caught up with me today on a powdery path round east campus.

we had 6 inches of snow in durham last night. whut? durham and duke staff did an amazing job with roads and sidewalks. the usual tuesday route was pastoral.

two couples i passed were smiling and holding hands. three japanese guys taking pictures in front of the chapel did not want me to take a picture of all of them, thank you very much. also ran past a father with his sons throwing snowballs at duke chapel. this is snow-cone-worthy, snowball-making snow.

i grinned lobe-to-lobe the whole 5 miles. ran into eleanor the last 1/4 mile and chatted a bit about life a bit, then skipped all the way home. these last few weeks, i’ve been reminded of my blessings through:

  • christmas eve at carole’s
  • wendy’s angel and friendship
  • adam & heather’s katy
  • ken’s values
  • steve’s comic-ly-wrapped presents
  • eddie’s christmas sentiments
  • mom and mr. song
  • derrick and b-mo’s divine pairing
  • new friends from overseas

i feel thankful.
whatever my life is supposed to be, it will be.
whatever my relationships are supposed to be, they will be.


quality time with ed and mel. the adult version of playing with christmas presents = reading stuff white people like and playing with frolicat. going to open this booker’s and watch be kind rewind. ultimate veg day.

Born to Run-ism

26 06 2010

let us live so that when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry (mark twain).


23 02 2010

we ran 8:08 tonight for almost 6 miles. i am so pleased you ought to slap me. a year ago, when joy was here, i had trouble with 9:00. maybe 7:00 is in the realm of possibility..?

i’m tired today. last night, reading the lovely bones, i cried. idk why, the book kind of sucks. there’s a section though, where the wife comes back to the husband after 8 years, and the tears, they were a-flowing. it might be the first time i’ve cried since i learned my marriage wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. what i kept thinking was, “how could you do this (to me)?” and of course, the, “i thought you loved me.”

maybe i’ve been masking the sadness with anger and disinterest. idfk. but today, i feel a little sad. talked with a running friend tonight about her mother. first time we’d chatted much about beyond running and simple life stuff. we talked about self-confidence and moms (why does it always come back to moms?). she is the last person i’d expect to deal with any self-doubt issues (the “why did i say that?”  “did i say too much?” questions), as beautiful and confident as she is. but maybe we all have self-doubt. idk. but i do feel stronger now than i did in october.

could be the triangle abbey dubbel.