congratulations, you’re having a cutie pie

25 03 2013

in 1:1 consultation with students today, i asked my student daniel if he and his wife would learn the sex of their baby.  

learned today at samsung engineering camp:

i learned that by law, in korea, doctors are not allowed to tell you the sex of your baby. 
(the male-female baby birth rate still arcs above the average in some more conservative cities with 114 boys born for every 100 girls.)

to get around the law, doctors tell parents, “your baby looks strong and healthy” (boy) or “your baby looks so cute and pretty” (duh).

two different students told me today they wanted to have two children–first a daughter and then a son. if a family has a daughter first, the daughter will take care of the son. however, if it happens the other way around, the son will not take care of the daughter. 


zombies & macaroons

17 01 2012

I have a friend! I have a friend!
As Jake would say, “I’m happy.”

Nu ri and I met for coffee and dessert this afternoon.
I was looking forward to this, my first date in Korea.

Nu ri works at JK House (where Steve and I stayed when he visited last month) and just got accepted into pharmacy school on the strength of her application alone, no interview needed. So clearly, keen young woman. Nu ri is old school too. She doesn’t wear BB cream or high heels. Instead, she plays the ukelele, works at a guesthouse to practice English and French, volunteers tutoring poor elementary school students, wants to work for the WHO.. you get the idea. Nu ri’s no 된장여.

The last Friday we were at JK, the hosts took us out for dinner.
There, we got to hear a Seoulite’s sentiments on Kim Jong-Il’s death.

Nu ri shared that in the deepest part of her heart, she was optimistic for reunification.
(But Nu ri, won’t that be bad for South Korea?)
No, it could be good for the North Korean people, but also for South Koreans. This (transition) could provide providing engineering and construction jobs for South Koreans, and Nu ri said she would like to see the country come together.

Yes, this is when I fell in love.
This afternoon, Nu ri said she liked zombie movies. That sealed the deal.

Over coffee and macaroons, Nu ri taught me grammar plus gerunds(!) and helpfully corrected me along the way. We switched after an hour and chatted in English, so Nu ri could practice. Therein, the zombie convo. (I think Nu ri will be watching Evil Dead 2 this weekend.)

Nu ri’s an older sister too, and her younger brother starts his compulsory military service next month. Given affairs, she is a little afraid for him.

Guess how much ROK soldiers make in the army..?
100Won an hour.

At the end of the month, ROK soldiers net about 30,000W/month.
No commission once complete, no tuition discount on the back-end.
How ya like them apples?

Next week is lunar new year, and I think Nu ri and I will get together after that.
Huzzah for blossoming friendships.