Lost in Phonetization

14 03 2012

steve jobs's name and then some koreanized then reromanized. while ordering barbecue~

Sogang U, true to life

14 03 2012

verb activity illustrating "to help". still, grandmother could have a few more teeth.

March 13

13 03 2012

My birthday is also National Elephant Day in Thailand.

Christmas is for couples and cakes

23 12 2011

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.
I can’t believe it’s here already.
You hear Christmas music in coffee shops and see mini plastic trees for sale, but otherwise, Christmas isn’t a big deal in Korea.
Christmas is a couples’ holiday here, and you give each other Christmas cakes.

Steve is here. I’m so glad.

So far this week, we went to Noryangjin Fish Market, Samcheongdong, Insadong and Bukchon hanok alley, and Steve hit Bugaksan Mountain, the DMZ and Namdaemun market among other places. I love traveling with Steve, because he appreciates details and nuances and adapts to situations but also is a good planner. I worried about the cold @$$ weather and me being in class during the day, but this week’s worked out well. Steve’s gone on day trips, and we’ve gotten together at night (after I’ve done homework and Steve’s bushed) to recount the day over coffee and dinner.

This weekend, we go to Jeju for Christmas. (yay!)

steve holding the airport sign i made for him

You know, I’ve been to Korea before, and my mother’s Korean. Still, we’ve eaten food this week I’ve never eaten or heard of before.

Today was the last day of class before Christmas break. We went to Lotte World folk museum. We, all ~100 of us Level 1 students, made a Korean paper bowl and walked through the Shilla, Gokoryo and Baekjae periods of history. Our teacher says the better folk museums are the Seoul National Folk Museum at Yongsan and the museum in Gyeongju.

Lotte museum is a hair cheesy. Still..it was a field trip.

We got a chance to sit next to students in other classes. So far, I’ve met Korean language students here from:

  • America
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • Indonesia
  • The Philippines
  • France
  • Italy

Here’s our motley crew:

Interesting that the 4 Americans are all from the south—Susan from NC, Jonathan who graduated from the NC School of the Arts, Chelsea from Kentucky and Jordan from NOLA. Is there something about the south that makes people want to travel or just get away?

Japanese snacks

28 11 2011

i’m here. sleep beckons.
here are some snacky foods from the layover in tokyo.

what do you think–like, dislike?

i can tell you sparkling soy water is not good.




Google Photos FTW

11 11 2011

where to action your photos?

i’ve had this idea that there is an online eden where my photos will live forever instead of being scattered through the universe on FB, Flickr and Picasa.

it’s a pipedream i know, with technology tools and systems ever-evolving.

Flickr, far as I can tell, is fab if you’re a photographer (i’m not) or working (no longer). you can upload up to 300 MB of photos + 2 videos each month and tag your photos in a free Flickr account. e.g., you can tag your photos “F4K”, “career fair”, “job shadowing” and so on. makes your company and your photos easy to find in search engines. plus, how cute is it that Flickr greets you with an international greeting (allo susan!) every time you visit?

but alas i am an unemployed student, and Google photos is a no-brainer.

for $5 for 20GB for the year, you can afford to change your mind. and the integration with Google circles makes it easy to share photos with my folksonomy of friends.

Test Driving Earth Class Mail

27 09 2011

Getting mail at work is a quirk, personal mail anyway.
In all our Sarbanes-Oxley glory, Rebecca opens the mail, I process the bills, Elizabeth cuts checks and so on. Very clear SOP, except when–

“Is this your credit card bill or F4K’s?”
“Is this your TimeWarnerCable bill or ours?”

No big for the being. We’re all friends at work.
But I can only co-opt my work address until Nov. 15…
So this week, I’m test driving Earth Class mail.

For $16 / month, you receive a US mailing address and virtual dashboard to view your mail contents from anywhere. Earth Class will open, upload, PDF, recycle, shred and elsewise process your mail. I’ll test drive this week and post back effectiveness.

I don’t love adding $16 to the $38 monthly already going to Public Storage.
But my mother’s a hoarder and my brother’s AWOL, and I am 37 already.